Greywater Recycling

Water use increased ten-fold between 1900 and 2000. On a global scale, about 70 percent of water from available sources is used for agricultural purposes, primarily irrigation, with the remainder used for domestic and industrial purposes.

The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that major industrial water users discharge approximately 285 billion gallons of wastewater daily. This increasing demand on water resources is taking its toll. The world is already facing water shortages in Africa, the Middle East and parts of North America, Asia and Europe. Eighty-eight developing countries, containing close to one-half of the world’s population, already experience water deficits, with resulting constraints on human and ecosystem health, as well as economic development.




In addition to these shortages, the poor quality of many water supplies has its own human and environmental costs. Up to 90 percent of all diseases and more than one-third of all deaths in developing countries are caused by contaminated water. (Ernst Schmidt, Liquid Technology and Services, EET Corporation)


Water is a precious resource and we, at RHI we are fully committed to its protection. This enthusiasm for protecting water coupled with our passion for innovation that drives RHI to find ways of using water better. The HYDRAPRO® GR is the result of this pursuit. Our greywater recycling system turns bathing water into hygienically clean process water. Using a fully automated mechanical process without the need for chemical additives the water is available for re-use. Toilet flushing, cleaning buildings and irrigation constitute the principle uses. Membrane technology is at the center of the system. This ultra filtration method ensures the removal of suspended solids as well as bacteria and viruses ensuring that the EU guidelines for bathing water quality are adhered to.




The controls for the HYDROPRO® GR can be fully integrated into the central building management system or operate as a standalone unit. At the heart of the controls lies powerful PLC technology which monitors every aspect of the process to ensure optimal performance is maintained. Ease of servicing and maintenance is paramount in the design. Aeration of the filtering plates ensures that these are kept clean and maintenance and chemical requirements are kept to a minimum. The HYDRAPRO® GR offers not only the benefits of recycling water but, the option to combine an advanced heat recovery system and / or rainwater harvesting system is also available. As a result your business can reap additional energy and water savings. Due the high volumes of bath and shower water used within hotels, leisure centres, and residential apartment blocks these building types are ideally suited for greywater recycling. The recycled bath and shower water can be re-used to flush toilets and for irrigation.

Bespoke Systems

RHI also offer bespoke systems which are designed and built to meet the individual requirements of other industries. The industries that most benefit are those involved in food processing and those which incorporate cooling processes. Our tailored solutions aim to maximise the water reuse within the manufacturing process and as such reduce the requirement for expensive mains water and reduce the waste water discharge from the plant.