HYDRAPRO® Stainless Steel Cyclone flow control

This Cyclone flow control is perfectly suited as a flow limiter in overflow basins, surge basins, combined and rainwater systems, industrial waste and watercourses. Furthermore, the vortex flow control serves as a good flow limiter for separators and industrial water treatment.
The HYDRAPRO® AISI 316 cyclone vortex flow control, series CY-F, is a flow limiter. It is designed to limit the flow in overflow basins, surge basins and sewer systems (combined and rainwater) to a predefined, maximum drainage capacity.
The HYDRAPRO® vortex flow control consists of a durable, stainless steel (AISI 316) casing with no moving parts. At low flow rates, the vortex flow control allows the (waste) water to flow through unhindered.Available in several types depending on the situation.
The HYDRAPRO® vortex flow control is free from wear and has no moving parts. Because of the material (stainless steel AISI 316) the vortex flow control is free from corrosion and requires minimal maintenance. The required capacity can be determined precisely. The vortex flow control is also available with U-shaped inflow apertures in compliance with Aquafin guidelines  SB250, III-12.6.
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